21st Century Railroads

The Assignment – select and review an current article or case addressing railroad management in the 21st century.


Using the Internet select an article or case less than 5 years old to review and complete attached worksheet.

Suggested websites for your article review- https://www.insidesources.com/trains-moving-american-goods-more-efficiently-and-more-safely-than-ever-before/ (opens in a new window) https://www.citylab.com/life/2014/10/a-complete-guide-to-the-future-of-us-freight-movement/381012/  (opens in a new window) https://www.aar.org/article/the-future-of-rail/  (opens in a new window) https://www.oliverwyman.com/our-expertise/insights/2017/sep/oliver-wyman-transport-and-logistics-2017/operations/disruption-the-future-of-rail-freight.html  (opens in a new window) https://www.smartrailworld.com/9-major-factors-shaping-the-future-of-the-rail-industry  (opens in a new window)

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