Assignment 2: Scenario Analysis 2


Follow the directions given below to complete your second scenario analysis report in approximately 3–5 pages.

Part I: Situation Summary

Provide a summary of the selected situation or event,  briefly describing the people involved and their interrelationships.  Your summary should give enough information to support your analysis and  allow others to analyze the situation. Write the summary in  approximately 1 page.

Part II: Analysis and Recommendation

Review concepts, theories, and research findings  discussed in your readings to understand and explain the organizational  behavior you observed. Find at least two concepts, theories, or research  findings that best explain the situation.

In each module, you will discover additional concepts,  theories, and research findings on organizational behavior that you  should consider applying to your observations. Use two new concepts,  theories, or research findings in each module.

Complete the following: Identify the symptoms of the organizational behavior problem you have observed. Discuss your rationale for choosing the concepts, theories, or research findings to explain the situation. Provide a recommendation for how you would have handled the situation differently.

Your final submission will be a 3–5-page report in Word  format. Utilize 2–3 scholarly sources in your research. Your document  should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate  ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of  sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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