Becoming Limitless

Everything in our world is  Becoming Limitless governed by immutable natural laws. Learn to apply the laws, and you can control the outcomes – and thereby live life on your own terms. Not always easy, but it IS simple. Here are 3 simple tips to living your dreams.Remember Alice in Wonderland When she asked the Cheshire Cat which path she should choose, what did he ask her- where she wanted to get to, right And when Alice replied that she didn’t know where she was going, he replied that in that case, it didn’t matter which path she chose.

Do you REALLY get that If you don’t know where you are going, you can never get there!Years ago, I was over the sales for several states for a large manufacturing company. I’d been dreaming of having my own business, yet my dream had remained vague and out of reach. One day while listening to a Tony Robbins tape- seriously- and the fact that it was a tape tells you this was some time ago- anyway, I suddenly pulled the car over and right then and there took the time to think about exactly what I really wanted. I wrote it down. Within months I was able to parlay my experience into a related business, working more closely with some of my favorite people from the old organization, but with greater autonomy and greater income. Six months later I was making 8x more money- and I also felt more fulfilled and was having more fun.

Second: get started. That’s it; just get started. Now that you know what you want, just START!This is actually really good news: getting started is usually the hardest part.How many times do we “want to lose weight” for instance… but then set some arbitrary time in the future as the starting point for a new diet and exercise program “I really want to shed this extra 10 pounds… but I think I’ll start just as soon as  is over”. We’ve all done that, right When the truth is, the very BEST time to start is always right now! The quicker you start, the quicker you’ll get there- plus the momentum created by starting is very powerful.

A friend came to me recently for advice on getting his own dream off the ground. He was tired of his boss dismissing his input for product innovations, and in fact had been dreaming of starting his own software company for years.”If only I could come up with the $300,000 I need to start,” he moaned. So we talked over a couple ideas on getting him started. Now- just two weeks later- he’s putting the finishing touches on his new website, has started selling his first software product, and is working on his second generation product. He was able to get started for a tiny fraction of the investment he thought it would take to start, and he’s on his way!

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