In this forum, follow the guidance in the text and the example below and draft a research problem statement paragraph for your chosen area of research interest. The problem statement is a paragraph that begins with “The problem to be addressed in this study is.” Add 3-4 supporting sentences that follow the problem. Use the Hunt Library to add references supporting your statement. This example is from the area of Knowledge Management, but focus on the paragraph structure and format. Here’s an example:  The problem to be examined in this proposed study is that managers of aerospace organizations do not have an adequate understanding of organizational knowledge management capability (KMC) because associated factors and areas have not been verified. This lack of understanding leads to inefficient application of organizational knowledge, which is argued to be the most important strategic resource (Tsoukas, 2005). Therefore, various aspects of this problem will be evaluated, including knowledge, knowledge management processes, and organizational culture. Furthermore, Turner and Makhija (2006) recommended employing quantitative methods to examine this area. This recommendation lends support to the use of a previously developed KMCA in a new type of organization in order to improve understanding of this subject area. Organizations are currently developing processes and programs to deal with the need to manage knowledge (Robles-Flores & Kulkarni, 2005).

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