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This semester students were tasked with conducting a “pre and post” assessment of disability access on campus, using the tools of visual anthropology.  There were two “pre” tasks assigned at the beginning of the semester (and graded as P/F), and now, at the end of the semester as part of the final paper, students will re-evaluate their work based on what they learned during the course and conduct a “post” assessment.  This will also be done by taking pictures with your smartphones.  In addition to capturing aspects of campus in visual format, students again are being tasked with writing image descriptions, and reflecting about what these pictures represent.  Students must determine what is “culturally salient” in the image that is important to convey.  Please submit the images separately, using this assignment link (if you haven’t uploaded your images already).   

I will review the image files separately, so there is no need to embed the pictures into your narrative.  However, if you may choose to use an image in the appropriate narrative section of your paper, to highlight a specific point — please be sure the associated image is small.  DO NOT embed your images into the text, to expand page length. 

The information below pertains to the final paper —
The final paper on “campus access” should be at least 5 pages in length (double-spaced; max 12-point font and max 1-inch margins).  Papers that directly connect to course materials, ideas, and content will be scored more highly.  Some components of this paper also require outside and/or online research. Thus, your paper also has to include a list of references (sources cited); these do not count towards the page length.  Lastly, part of your grade will be based on overall knowledge and integration of course content, as well as writing quality/clarity and appropriate formatting (i.e., length, use of sources, etc). There is no additional rubric, but your paper should include the following sections:

Evaluate your old photos from the beginning of the semester.  Based on what you learned this term, would you take the same image(s) today to illustrate access (or lack thereof)?  Why or why not?  How would you update the image and/or description to be more accurate?  Tell me about what you learned this semester by ‘correcting’ your old photos and/or descriptions.  If you feel that they were fine before, please explain why that is the case and how/why they do not need updating.
Take 10 new pictures of campus that demonstrate disability access/rights, or a lack of access. They can be of anything or anywhere on campus; they do not need to be of the same site or issue you identified earlier in the term, nor do they all need to be on the same topic. Use these images and accompanying descriptions to illustrate what you learned this semester about disability access, culture, and the built environment. These will be assessed for factual accuracy, unlike the “pre” set, so you may need to do some online research to verify your claims (e.g., about existing architectural codes, the ADA, accessibility audits, etc).  You will submit the images and descriptions as a separate file, then, here in the paper, use this space to talk about the pictures you took.  Explain how your images and descriptions reflect what you learned this semester.     
Do you think these aspects of campus reflect a social model of disability, how so?  Why or why not?  (Bonus question:  how do these aspects of campus help to construct disability?)  This is obviously an important section of your paper.  
What are other college campuses doing to reflect the social model, advance disability rights, and/or provide accommodations? Provide data from at least 3 different colleges (in the US or internationally) about aspects of disability rights or disability culture that we don’t have here at MSU, and which you think are innovative.  Be sure to explain why you think these aspects would be beneficial to have.  In other words, if we were to have these kinds of things at MSU, what difference would it make?  How would they help people to learn better, be more included, or address some other goal of higher education?
You may have found in your online research, that MSU has some accommodations that other schools do not have, yet is missing ones that seem common elsewhere.  What “grade” would you give MSU on disability access, and why?  How do we fair comparatively?  Why do you think the items you mentioned in section D are not at MSU?  Can you make an argument for bringing these kinds of accommodations to MSU, even if we have only a few disabled students and accommodations are costly?  And importantly, what 3 specific suggestions do you have for “moving the needle” on disability rights on our campus?  How can we promote more “disability culture” at our school?  Be as specific as possible.  

Note:  You can use any style for citations, as long as you are consistent. Your paper should include a work-cited or reference page (see here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for more information about how to properly cite).  Rubric

Action Reflection Essay – RubricAction Reflection Essay – RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDis Rights POV4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcomeabout PAR methods4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcomeabout Campus Access4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTies to and K of course content20.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks20.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMisc format etc4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts
Total Points: 40.0

the link is the assignment i did previously for this, use as a resource to refelct on or whatever lol

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