Fresh Paper: Psychology Paper

The final paper is due at the end of week 7. The paper must be formatted per the requirements of the American Psychology Association (APA).


General Format: The 10 page Final Term Paper will be graded as followed:


___Mechanics (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, readability and flow)


__Were there basic errors that could have been caught by careful proofread prior to submission.


___Were they significant enough to interfere with ease of following the writer’s ideas.


___ Was an objective POV (no first-person “I” or second person “you” or personal opinion or story telling) maintained throughout?


___Presentation (organization, clarity of presentation, adherence to length requirements, timeliness)


___Relevance (appropriateness of material covered to the subject of perception and the material covered in our text)


___Personal insight and integration


___Comprehensiveness (how completely you have covered the topic of your final paper)

___Length (the body of the paper should be 10 pages long)


___References (proper APA citation, appropriately formatted citations). You must cite at least 2 sources other than the texts and required reading.


___ Number of sources?


Are online sources properly source credited.


Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and are notconsidered appropriate for college level papers. Were they included in this paper? ___


NOTE: Wikipedia, Encarta and other encyclopedias are NOT allowed for this paper or any other assignment in this course.

sources other than the texts and required reading.




The paper must address a topic from Chapters 11-15 of the textbook. The topic is expected to integrate physiological and psychological aspects of perceptual functioning. An example of an acceptable topic would be “the role of expectation upon the sensory experience of olfaction.”


Note: A very important aspect of this paper is that it must cover more than what is already covered in the course — textbook information summary and course review isn’t the goal — but rather it must expand on a topic related to the course. The topic can also not be too broad. An example of an appropriate topic might be a particular disorder of the olfactory system. A too broad topic would be “Perception and the Sense of Smell”. The latter is too general because it is one of the human sensory systems and something the course already covers. It is also much too broad because it covers an entire sensory system.


Finally, an exceedingly important aspect of this assignment and the others in the course is the rule prohibiting ANY type of copying. The certainly includes copying word-for-word, or with just a few words changed or rearranged, published material of any kind, and you also may not even quote for any assignment in the course. Concern the latter, your prof needs to see what you understand of what you have read rather than what you can copy and place inside quotation marks. You must paraphrase (summarize in your own words) published materials and properly source credit published materials both in the post or paper body and in a list attached to the end per APA formatting rules. A first instance of ANY copying and/or failure to source credit, regardless of intent to do so or not, will result in an assignment score of zero with no option for revision and any additional instances will result in course failure.

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