Friendship in Middle Childhood


No discussion of psychosocial development in middle childhood would be complete without a significant focus on friendship. This is a time when peers become extremely important to children’s sense of self and how they interact with other people. As children develop, friends affect their development in virtually every domain. Friends spend a great deal of time together, and thus are a key source of emotional support. They also provide opportunities to practice communication, and encounter perspectives on the world and their experiences that may be different from those at home. Taking into account your own psychosocial development, discuss your own friendships during your middle childhood years: What are ways in which your friendship helped or hindered your own psychosocial development? You might choose to focus on one/more of the following themes as covered in the Berger text: self-concept, self-esteem resilience and stress, or development of moral reasoning. Make initial post 250-300 words

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