Gun Control


Final Project Gun Control

The final project must be at least 3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins. You should have at least 3 cited sources for your work. Either MLA or APA format is fine; I will not grade you down if things are italicized incorrectly in your Bibliography, so don’t stress about formatting, and I’d prefer you not e-mail me questions about formatting. Any clear format of citation is fine.

A good structure for the expository essay is to choose a certain number of key aspects to the issue or discourse you are discussing, and then explore each one in turn in one or two paragraphs each. A good structure for the argumentative paper would be to list primary arguments for your position, explaining notable counter-arguments as you proceed. 

Gun control.  These are difficult issues, to be sure.  Interesting final project idea: research gun control activism, particularly the goals of the present #-based movement, and attend your local (if there is one; in most major cities, I think that there will be) March For Our Lives protest on March 14th, and incorporate your experience into your final project, which could focus on the question: what is the role of protest in meaningful civil debate about a political issue?  What is the role in terms of actually affecting change?  It would be cutting it close, but there’s not a lot of national marches geared toward students, and I think it could be interesting for (I hope) people on all sides of this issue.

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