[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Accommodating Students ’ Diverse

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Accommodating Students ’ Diverse

Component Two: Innovations in Education

This component focuses on the appropriate integration of technology into instruction. This component also includes various ways to network and reach out to students using technology such as Facebook, Twitter, videos using Jing, Captivate, You Tube, podcasts, wikis, blogs, PowerPoint presentations and classroom or school websites.

For this component, you will address at least two technologies, giving specific examples of how you have used or plan to use in your practice; use approximately one page per technology. Include at least one specific activity for each technology with an appropriate learning objective and method for assessing student performance.

Best practice suggests that this will be a rubric or checklist:

  • How can you and your students use these tools to create authentic learning tasks?
  • How can you apply these tools to develop student-teacher and peer-to-peer communication and collaboration?
  • How will using various educational technologies increase student motivation and learning?
  • How can learning become more authentic and task-based in nature by using technology in the classroom?
  • How can these technologies support the constructivist framework of teaching and learning?

Passing score description:

You will demonstrate that you can effectively apply new technology to the constructivist learning environment in order to achieve specific learning objectives. You will find new ways of accommodating students’ diverse learning style preferences, skill levels and motivational triggers such that student interaction increases. You will utilize technology to provide students with an authentic, task-based quality learning experience. You will include a method for assessing student performance. Your artifacts show that you understand the importance of employing a technological tool to support student-centered, problem-based lessons and assessment that meets a wide variety of student needs and preferences within a constructivist framework.

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