[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Agree Classmate 1 Discussion

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Agree Classmate 1 Discussion

Discuss how and why you should avoid office politics. This is not talking about political discussions, but internal office politics


Classmate 1 Discussion

Politics can quickly make parties out of a group that was very much united. I have seen it be a reason for quitting, a reason for workplace violence, and most of all the alienating of those who could be your biggest contributors. There is nowhere you can get by stepping on people that you can’t all go together. And if there is such a place, do you want to be the guy that got there by ruining other people’s trust in you. I liked the quote from Churchill about eagles are silent but parrots jabber. Praise privately and criticize publicly. There is a great need to stop gossip and focus on what we say as leaders. 

Honestly, I think being silent and thoughtful makes a big difference. When you are able to look out for your team, even when speaking to your team or leaders, you build the team. When you gossip and throw people under the bus, you weaken your trust with them and weaken your team. No one ever is mad at the guy that keeps his mouth shut and thinks up an honest response. There is no need to be defensive against people who work on your same team. When you get riled up against your teammate you can easily make them your enemy. Think Lincoln. Dignified, deliberate and able to see all sides of the issue and make a decision. He asked questions to understand. You should too. Anytime that there is a possibility of conflict that could cause drama, ask a question instead. 

Classmate 2 Discussion

I try hard to avoid office politics, but let’s be honest, it’s not the easiest thing to do.  I can see where people get disgruntled when the wrong person gets a promotion or a better bonus.  It’s hitman nature to try and protect what you have fought for and invested time in.  I have found a few ways to deal with disappointments in the workplace. Staying out of the conversation and avoiding gossip is one of the easiest things to say but not necessarily the easiest to do.  I have had to teach myself to just walk away and not say anything, regardless of my agreement or disagreement.  On the other hand, I have also made it part of my mission to stand up for what is right, and to do the right thing, even if it is unpopular.  This can be extremely difficult, especially if you are in the minority.  To avoid these situations, just step back and take a look at everyone’s point of view.  Be slow to speak and even slower to react.

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