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 Having personal marketing materials such as a resume and cover letter are essential as you enter the fitness industry.   


Research a job in the fitness industry you would like to apply to. 

Step Two 

Letter of Application

In a single page, you will write a letter of application for a job you have researched. Please follow proper business formatting, as outlined below. Also, you are required to turn in a copy of the job ad and/or position for which you are applying.  The letter is your first and maybe only chance to make a good impression, so be sure to provide all the most important details. Using the information found in the job ad, target your letter specifically to that company and that position. You should also design a professional-looking letterhead using fonts of your choice.


Margins are 1” or 1?“

Full-block style (all paragraphs and lines begin flush left, except letterhead)

Blank line between each paragraph

Font should be Times New Roman 12pt (except for your name in the letterhead)


Your name and address (letterhead)


Name, title, and address of recipient


Introductory paragraph

Body of letter

Conclusion (asking for an interview)

Complimentary close (“Sincerely,” followed by 3 blank lines)

Signature and typed name

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