[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Consider Many Different Aspects

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Consider Many Different Aspects


[WRITING IS A RESOURCE]—Writing is a resource people use to do things, be things, and make things in the world.

After reading “What Is Story?” and “You’ll Never Believe What Happened” , answer all of the following in a post of 300 or more words.

Respond and reflect upon “What Is Story?” by answering the following:

  • How important are stories to how humans live in the world? Why do you say so? Has reading this piece changed your understanding on the question?
  • Is it easy or difficult for you to see how story has helped you ascribe meaning to things in your experience? Consider many different aspects of life ranging from history to politics to religion to popular culture to personal relationships and beyond. How and why are stories told in that context? Consider stories you tell yourself as well as stories you have been told.
  • What are your thoughts on the notion of identity as “the story I tell myself about what happens to me”?
  • Add any other thoughts or questions you have on the piece.

Respond and reflect upon “You’ll Never Believe What Happened” by answering the following:

  • What do you think Newkirk means when he says we “compose” ourselves? Can you think of an example from your own life where either you or someone you know did this?
  • Note Ron’s analysis of his story about getting a flat tire and how he explains the unconscious strategies he used to craft the story to make it more dramatic and interesting. Do you recognize such strategies in your own speech when you describe events in your life? What about the speech of others, be they family or friends, coworkers or teachers, celebrities or politicians? Why do we craft our stories using these strategies, both consciously and unconsciously?
  • What are your thoughts about how our values shape the stories we tell and other ways we use language? At the same time, how do the stories we tell shape our values?
  • Add any other thoughts or questions you have on the piece.

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