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Article Review Assignment Instructions


Throughout this course, you will research and review 4 scholarly journal articles on various topics related to health and wellness. This research will provide an opportunity to reach outside of the course content and study professional articles related to the topics being discussed in the course. You will relate the article to wellness coaching as well as provide an integrative biblical perspective.


In each Article Review Assignment you will:

·        Research a scholarly journal article on the topic(s) given.

·        In each Article Review Assignment you will:

o   Write a short review and summary of the article that you choose that covers the specific given topic.

o   Discuss how this material relates to health and wellness coaching.

§  How would you use this information with a client?

§  What kind of clients would this information benefit?

§  Why did you choose this material? Be as specific and detailed as you can.

  • Think critically about how this material integrates with biblical faith.

·        Write 500-800 words of content.

·        Use correct current APA formatting throughout the Article Review Assignment.

o   A title page is not required, but a reference page is required.

o   Please use third person writing.

o   Use one scholarly journal article written in the last 5 years.

o   At least one textbook citation is required.

o   The Bible must be included as a reference.

o   Current APA formatted citations must be included throughout the text.

o   What is a biblical view of the information?


Article Review: Effects of Stress on Wellness Assignment

Find an article that discusses how we can reduce stress in our lives. Discuss two specific strategies we can use to help our clients alleviate stress. Then, follow the instructions above to discuss the article. 

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