[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Day 3 Identify Three

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Day 3 Identify Three


At this point, you have likely made a  preliminary decision about whether a quantitative or qualitative  approach would be best for your proposed study. The research question  you developed likely points one way or the other. However, this  Discussion is your opportunity to revisit the methodology and research  question and explicitly articulate which would be most appropriate.

Also, as researchers begin to make final  decisions about methodological approach and research question, they must  then consider if any cultural issues might emerge related to these  choices. For example, suppose a social worker planned to use a  computer-based survey in a low socioeconomic area where many people are  without Internet service, or a social worker chose a quantitative  approach to investigate a very small marginalized population. What  implications do these choices have for the population and for the study?  In this Discussion, in addition to reviewing your research question and  approach, you consider the cultural sensitivity of these elements.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources on qualitative research, considering how it compares to quantitative research methodology.

By Day 3

Identify three ways in which  qualitative and quantitative research differ. After reviewing these  approaches, which is a good fit for your study and why? Be sure to  include your research question in your response. Based on the  methodological approach for your study, how will you ensure that your  approach is culturally sensitive?

Please use the Learning Resources to support your post (i.e., cite and reference).

Use the research sites and questions on the attached file. My research question is How does ADHD effect adults? 

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