[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Discuss 2 Specific Counseling

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Discuss 2 Specific Counseling

DUE 10/30/22 @ 12PM MIAMI FL

 Build a family genogram using the SG’s website link above.  Select “unknown” if you don’t have the information asked for (i.e. age of disease onset).  Save a copy of the genogram to submit to the dropbox. 

Study and analyze the family’s pedigree genogram diagram and health history table that you’ve created with your client. Remember, you, as a non-geneticist cannot be expert on all genetic disorders and genetic contributions to disease.  Therefore, your goal as an RN, is to recognize genetic factors, diseases, or conditions that may contribute to your client and children’s health risks.  (Review links above again) Look carefully at the genogram and family health history assessment table and describe the risks you assess, such as: 

  • Major medical/chronic medical concerns (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, renal failure)
  • Chronic psychiatric conditions (depression, bi-polar, anxiety, substance abuse, etc)
  • Miscarriages, Congenital malformations
  • Dysmorphic features (hexadactyly or six fingers or toes; wide-spacing between eyes, low-set ears, etc.)
  • Intellectual disability (mental retardation, learning disabilities, or developmental delay)
  • Any other concerns. (Obesity, inactivity)
  • Genetic disorders (sickle cell, cystic fibrosis)


From this client’s family health assessment, decide, then explain what genetic factors, disease(s) or conditions are the greatest risk to your client and children.

  Discuss 2 specific counseling interventions you could plan that would reduce health risk to client’s family (after assessing the family’s health history and genogram).

  Write a short summary of the benefits of a family health history and risk assessment for your family.  Summarize the recommendations.

5.  APA format   Paper will be 3-4 pages in length (not counting title page, diagram/genogram and references).  


1.  The SG’s genogram diagram

2. The client’s family history table

3.  The APA Case Study paper of your client’s family health history (using headings # 2, 3, & 4 above).

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