[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Discussion Post Must Include

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Discussion Post Must Include

The persuasive speech topic will be an expansion on your informative speech. This week you will be asked to select an angle for the persuasive speech that shares something else with the audience- You should care about this issue.

For this week, you will need to finalize that topic selection and begin to develop the introduction of your persuasive speech.

Please respond to the following questions in 150 – 200 words:

Human Trafficking in the United States (Topic)

What is the topic and angle you have selected for the persuasive speech?

How are you planning to gain the audience’s attention in the introduction of this persuasive speech?

What is the specific purpose statement for your persuasive speech?

How are you planning to establish your credibility in the introduction of the persuasive speech?

What are the main points you are considering for the persuasive topic? Provide a preview statement of these main points.

As always, your discussion post must include 2 in-text APA format citations.


(this is the textbook, chapter 13)

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