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[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Earn 5 Extra Credit

 CREATE A  COVER LETTER ABOUT AGROBUSINESS  FOR PART 1 AND FOR PART 2   describe unique experiences as an undergraduate student and relate it to your future career opportunities and impact on your field 

it is important that you can explain to potential employers and stakeholders what skills you bring to a position. In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to do just that. You will select ONE assignment option from Part I and one from Part II and submit them together as your Professional statement assignment. Please be sure that your submission as a whole meets the objective: Articulate a professional statement, including competencies, education, and experiences, and how they relate to career and personal development objectives. You are strongly encouraged to think about this assignment with regard to what you want to do post-graduation. Students needing career guidance are strongly encouraged to schedule a visit with Career Services prior to graduation and are encouraged to work with career services prior to submission of this assignment: 

The writing center is another wonderful resource for assistance with Part I as needed: 

If you meet with either the career center or the writing center for this assignment and can include proof of doing so (e.g. screenshot of virtual meeting), you can earn 5 extra credit points for this assignment. 

Prior to completing this assignment, please ensure that you’ve completed all readings and materials in Module 5. This is a two-part submission as you will submit one written document and one video. While you can upload the full video file in your submission, sometimes it takes forever to upload. Many students record a video on their phone or laptop, upload it to youtube as an unlisted video and then just submit the link. 

Part I (Written)

  • Create a cover letter for current or future use that discusses links your undergraduate experience as a whole to a real or fictitious position to which you want to apply. OR

AND Part II (Video)

  • Create a 1-3 minute video that includes your face and voice where you describe your unique experiences as an undergraduate student and relate it to your future career opportunities and impact on your field. OR

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