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Language & Literacy Activity Plan


Being able to plan, implement, and assess activities is an important part of early care and education. It is important that early childhood educators be intentional and purposeful when planning, selecting, and implementing activities for children. The intent of this assignment is to help students learn about intentionally planning activities that connect developmentally appropriate materials and practices, academic content/standards, and assessment strategies.   


After reviewing this week’s content/readings, you will use the information to help you create an activity plan. Please keep in mind that your activity plan should be an activity that you would implement as you work with young children. This week’s selected activity and activity plan is to focus on encouraging and supporting the language & literacy growth/development of young children. 

*To begin working on your activity plan please follow the steps below:

  1. Thematic Unit Focus -Identify thematic unit focus/title
  2. Target Age -Select the target age of the children for which this activity will be designed.
  3. MS Early Learning Standards- Locate the appropriate section in the MS Early Learning Standards that corresponds with the age group you selected.
  4. MS Early Learning Standards-Within that age group of the standards, locate the appropriate content area based on the focus of the activity plan you are creating (e.g., Approaches to Learning, Social Emotional, Language & Communication, Physical Development, English Language Arts).
  5. MS Early Learning Standards-Within that content area, identify and select one specific standard (concept/skill) you will use as the focus of the activity.
  6. MS Early Learning Standards- Identify and select one specific standard (concept/skill) from another content area you will use as the secondary of the activity.
  7. MS Early Learning Standards- Identify and select one specific standard (concept/skill) from a third content area you will use as the third of the activity.
    1. For each of the 3 different standards when writing each you must include content area, domain, anchor standard, and performance standard)
  8. Activity Search & Selection-Using reliable, reputable, and professional sources search and select an activity. When searching for an activity be sure to remember the following:
    1. Thematic connection
    2. Target age (developmentally and age appropriate)
    3. Standards (Focused and other selected standards)
  9. Activity Plan-Use the selected activity to create your activity plan. Be sure to use the activity plan template and guidance.
    1. Part I-The Box
    2. Part II- The Reasoning, The Rationale, The Why
  10. Activity Plan Submission- Once you have created and revised your activity plan, you will submit your plan in this week’s module.

*If you properly completed Lesson Plan Portfolio Checkpoint 2, you should have already completed steps 1-5. If done properly, this should be included as a component of you Lesson Plan Portfolio.

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