[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Least One Ethical Issue

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KIN 473 CAP 4: Methods and Statistics

1. Please write your research question below


2. Assume you have 50 participants in each group who will be participating in your study. From here you have some creative freedom when describing your sample, but please keep things as scientifically rigorous as possible. Because you will be comparing two groups of participants, you will want mean values of your demographic characteristics that are closely matched between groups. Note: You may want to look ahead to the mock data in CAP 6, as it could influence some of your decision-making here (provided mock data should not be modified). 

a. Age range: Example – 18-22 year olds

b. Sex: Example – 50 males and 50 females

c. Inclusion criteria: Example – Participants must be well-trained in resistance exercise

d. Exclusion criteria: Example – Participants must not consume other nutritional supplements

3. Describe your mock sampling method. How would you have recruited the participants in your study? Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen approach.

4. Describe how you would protect the human subjects involved in your study. Explain procedures for participant safety and data protection/privacy. 


5. Assume you will be following an experimental design with a pre-test and post-test of your participants. Describe the procedures you would follow to collect the necessary data on your participants.  

6. Describe your procedural controls. What variables do you need to control in order to be able to answer your research question in the most accurate manner possible? 

7. Describe the research instrument(s) to be used in collecting data. Identify the validity/reliability of your instrument(s) using previous research.


8. You will each be using a gain-score analysis to analyze your data (mock data will be provided in CAP 5). Explain what this analysis will identify (see p. 359-360 in your text). 

Research Ethics

9.  Describe at least one ethical issue that could arise based on the methodology identified above, as well as how you plan to mitigate or eliminate it. 

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