[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Probability Sampling Uses Random

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Probability Sampling Uses Random

Probability and nonprobability are  the two general categories of sampling. Probability sampling uses random  selection, whereas nonprobability sampling does not. For example, if  you wanted to study the effects of divorce on the psychological  development of adolescents, you could gather a population of a certain  number of adolescents whose parents were divorced. Then, out of that  population, you could randomly select 25 of those people. If you wanted  to use nonprobability sampling, you would choose specific people who had  met predetermined criteria. Consider your own proposed study: Which of  these sampling techniques might be best for your purposes?

In this Discussion, you identify the population,  sample, and sampling technique for your study. You then consider  ethical or cultural issues related to the population that you should  address.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources on sampling in research and on ethics related to vulnerable populations. 
By Day 3

Restate your research  question and your chosen methodological approach. Then, identify the  population, sample, and sampling technique that would best address your  research question and approach. Justify your choices.  What are some  ethical and cultural concerns that need to be addressed with this  population if studied?

Please use the Learning Resources and the NASW Code of Ethics to support your post (i.e., cite and reference).

By Day 6

Respond to two colleagues by  providing feedback on their choice of population, sample, and sampling  technique. How do their choices fit with the research question and  research methodological approach?

Please use the Learning Resources and the NASW Code of Ethics to support your response (i.e., cite and reference).

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