[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Several Effective Communication Skills

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Several Effective Communication Skills

 Your WIT, What I Think, are short, reflective e s s a y s.  Each WIT is to exhibit your critical analysis skills, your organizational skills for writing,  and your creative thinking skills. MLA FORMAT


Your WIT for Lesson Four is to write a 3 p a g e speech.  Imagine that you will be speaking to college students at a Critical Thinking Symposium (in a fun city of your choice).  You have been asked to speak to the college students on the challenges and pitfalls of good, clear, critical thinking. Part of your speech should contain a story about the value of good critical thinking in your life.    

You can consider the following  elements for an effective speech:

1.  definition-what is critical thinking?

2.  why is critical thinking important (to self, society)?

3. what cultural barriers in communication to critical thinkers face?

4.  what are several effective communication skills that critical thinkers can practice?

5.  an example of critical thinking lacking in your own life

6.  an example of critical thinking being a positive moment in your own life

7.  what is an issue, problem, or decision that you will apply critical thinking to in your future?

8.  closure-what is the most important thing that you want to say about critical thinking?

Be sure to cite the text as you draw upon it to inform your work.

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