[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Still Google Challenging Words

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Still Google Challenging Words

1. This article and topic on the sociology of globalization:

  • “Globalization and the Sociology of Immanuel Wallerstein”

2. You will write an annotated outline that summarizes and sociologically examines what you have learned in the reading. An annotated outline asks you to organize the main ideas of the paper. You include more in-depth notes and analyses than just a simple summary. I want to see that you can connect with the readings, dissect them, and successfully synthesize the key terms, concepts, debates, and theories. Explain what this all means. The summary is the “who” and “what,” while the analysis is the  “why” and “how.” Follow this 3-step model:

  • Summarize the reading in a concise, outlined format.
  • Describe the key points/themes/arguments. Provide specific examples from the articles to back up those points.
  • Explain how the reading connects to larger sociological analyses on the economy, technology, class, race, gender, inequality, or culture.

Reading and note-taking tips:

  • Sociology readings can be dense and challenging, but my goal for you is to identify, define, and analyze the central themes and arguments.
  • Writing notes while reading the articles is more engaging and helpful to help you better comprehend what you are learning.
  • You will encounter some terminology you are not familiar with–don’t skip over them! If there is a vocabulary word/term/concept you are unfamiliar with, Google the definition.
  • Be patient! Learning how to write- essays or annotated outlines- takes time, practice, and effort. I’m still learning to write better (and I still Google challenging words I don’t know the definition of!)
  • Your outline should be 1-2 pages in length.
  • Please submit your outline as a .PDF file.
  • Please proofread your assignment before you submit it.
  • You are not required to cite sources or use quotes, but please use the Chicago or MLA citation style if you do.

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