[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Technical Writing – Page

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Technical Writing – Page


Inner Office Memo Assignment

Write a memo

To:  new office hires

From:  your name

Date:  due date


 Importance of good communication skills and the amount of time spent in all forms of 


The contents of this document is to be a discussion about the average amount of time spent on various forms of communication required for the position of a computer professional.  In addition, the discussion should include the importance of effective communication to meet minimum requirements of satisfactory job performance as evaluated by the immediate supervisor.  The information provided is to be the amount of time a new hire may spend in communication, not the supervisor/President/VP/ or anyone above the level of a new entry-level hire.

Locate some information about what has been published regarding these two issues on the Internet.  Find at least two recent, not older than two years, articles on the Internet that discuss these issues.  At least one article about the average amount of time spent in communicating; and at least one article about the importance of effective communication in receiving a satisfactory job rating.  Summarize the information found in this memo for the intended audience.  Include the URLs where the articles can be found on the Internet at the end of your document and suggest that the recipient of the memo read the articles.


Look at the following resources for information about Inner Office Memos.  There are many other resources on the Internet

Handbook of Technical Writing – page 328+





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