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For this assignment, you will bring together everything you have learned so far in this course about scholarly writing, professional writing, public speaking, multimedia presentations, and best practice communication strategies. You will be creating a 10-minute professional tutorial in the form of a recorded and narrated presentation. In Week 8 of the course, you will also have the opportunity to give and receive peer feedback on this Signature Assignment.

You may select any topic that advances your own professional career or personal pursuits for your tutorial. You are encouraged to create a presentation that you can share with others outside of the course after it has ended. As a few examples to get you started, this tutorial could cover a challenging task you and your coworkers are asked to perform at work that could use more clarification, a process that you wish to have your direct reports at work follow to complete a task, or you can create a tutorial for people in your personal life about a responsibility or task they need additional direction to complete. Creativity is encouraged with this tutorial, so feel free to pick a topic relevant to you, and please select tools to create it that best fit your intended outcome.

Your tutorial will be measured on your ability to incorporate best practices covered in the course. Specifically, your focus should be on:

  • Incorporating best practices in public speaking for professionals.
  • Using effective communication strategies outlined in this course.
  • Using effective multimedia strategies outlined in this course by including at minimum an audio component to accompany your presentation.
  • Using communication strategies appropriate to the medium and audience.

The first step is to create the slide show that you will use during the narrated presentation of your tutorial.  You may create the slides for your tutorial using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or another tool of your choice that will allow your audience to read, view, and hear your tutorial as you present it.

The second step is to record yourself narrating your presentation using the Kaltura tool in NCUOne. Information can be found in the resources for this week.  If you wish to use an alternative software, such as Prezi, be sure to communicate with your professor well before this week to discuss the best approach. to create and record your tutorial.  Please remember that an effective presentation should have slides that highlight only the most important points that are being presented and that are visually appealing and engaging for the audience.

Remember that will need a peer reviewer for your Signature Assignment in order to complete next week’s assignment. You may choose a colleague, friend, or family member. If you want to ask another NCU student to serve as a peer reviewer, check out the dedicated thread within the SOE Community Forum in the NCU Commons; you can find the link in the Course Resources tab. Consider sharing your Signature Assignment as soon as you submit your assignment to the Dropbox so that your peer reviewer has plenty of time to review your assignment and offer feedback, and that you will have time to receive that feedback, reflect on it, and prepare your Week 8 assignment. If an NCU student does serve as your peer reviewer, remember to return the favor for that student or another student in the future.

Length: 10-minute recorded and narrated presentation with at least 10 slides

References: Include at least three appropriate references that support the information shared in your tutorial in a final slide or visual, displaying your references in APA format. If you have consulted an expert to create your tutorial, personal communication citations are appropriate for this assignment.

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