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Bullying is a very real problem that most schools face. In rare cases, it can become so serious that it is cited as a reason for student suicide. Many states have signed into law anti-bullying measures. Many of these laws require teachers to report bullying to principals, and also prohibit cyberbullying.

Use the following case study for the basis of this unit’s assignment:

Mr. Doddered sat alone in his fifth-grade classroom contemplating his next move. He was at a loss; he had tried everything to protect ten-year-old Brian Condotti from the bullies at Peterson Elementary School. He visualized Brian, a very sweet child with a pleasant disposition, who had absolutely no self-esteem. Even when Brian was academically successful, he acted as if he had failed a final examination.

Mr. Doddered thought about the numerous meetings he had had with Brian’s parents to speak about their son’s lack of self-esteem. They were nice people who really cared for their only son. Mrs. Condotti told Mr. Doddered that they had always sheltered Brian and were afraid of something happening to him as it had to their first child, who died as a result of a hit-and run accident. She felt her protectiveness was justified, even if it caused Brian to become dependent. Mr. Condotti, a big burly man, sat quietly in his seat until asked for his opinion, and then said in a booming voice, “She treats him like a little girl rather than a healthy young boy.” He was afraid to go near his own son because his wife said he treated him too roughly.

As a result of that meeting, Brian was placed in every physical activity that the school offered. He was forced to join the softball team, the volleyball [team], and his class’s basketball team. In each case, Brian failed miserably. He was not athletically inclined and found great difficulty relating to his more aggressive teammates. Mr. Doddered has also attempted to coach Brian at lunchtime, without much success[.] Brian just did not know how to deal with criticism, and cried whenever he was teased.

Mr. Doddered was at his wit’s end as to how he could build Brian’s self-esteem. He finally decided to take assertive action and punish all the boys in the class for being so mean to Brian. If that did not work, he was prepared to call and speak to every boys’ parents. He also made up his mind to make Brian the class monitor. He expected that Brian would gain self-esteem with his newfound authority. He could now officially report any misconduct that occurred in the class. Mr. Doddered felt he was finally on the right path to helping Brian be the person he wanted to be. Unfortunately, Brian’s self-esteem not only declined, but it became nonexistent. The next day at lunchtime, Mr. Doddered saw Brian cowering in the corner of the playground, crying, surrounded by a group of boys. When Brian was asked what happened, he said, “They’re picking on me.” (Scarpaci, 2007, p. 150)

For this assignment, you will implement strategies to address the bullying issue described in the case study. In the plan, provide the following:

  1. Describe a minimum of two classroom management models or theories that you would implement in Mr. Doddered’s classroom to address this case study. Be specific. Indicate the model or theory by author and name (for example: Fred Jones, positive classroom discipline). For each description, include a detailed analysis of the model or theory by explaining the key points.
  2. Discuss how one or more of the described models or theories would address the specific needs of Brian in the case study, having a positive impact on Brian.
  3. Discuss how one or more of the described models or theories would address the specific needs of the remaining students in the classroom (such as the bullies and by-standers), having a positive impact on student behavior.

Support your writing with a minimum of three credible, reliable sources. The paper should be 2–3 pages in length and written in APA style format.

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