[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Word “ Norm ”

[Instant Help From 9$/Pg] Word “ Norm ”

Topic 1:

Norms are a “social contract” that supports a group’s collaborative work. In this discussion, you will explore how and why to use norms to support trust and risk taking two important aspects of productive collaborative work.

In collaborative situations, it is helpful to explicitly define and agree on a set of norms to guide how the group works. The word “norm” generally refers to something that is usual, typical, standard, or expected. Norms are the agreed-upon definition of productive behaviors and mindsets that should be usual, whenever a group is working together.

Before you begin your participation in the Discussion Board, review the link, samples of group norms that you find in your own organization, online, and in the Readings or research that you complete.


As you review the norms, find three (3) that you believe are absolutely essential to create productive behaviors and mindsets that will help a group as they work together.

In the discussion, post the following:

  • The exact wording of each of your three norms.
  • Share why the specific three norms are essential to supporting productive behaviors?
  • How would you implement the three norms in your work?
  • How would you monitor the three norms effectiveness?
  • What would you do if norms were not being followed by team members?
  • When and how do you determine if the norm is a success or a hindrance to the effective work of your team?

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