PHIL 102 ETHICS questions—–150 words—finish it as soon as possible.

Evaluate the Ethics problem given below, (lets consider this purely hypothetical) your answer/ opinion should clearly indicate, with which ethical theory it agrees or disagrees with and why you think this specific theory is relevant here;


In her much anthologized article, ” Trying Out One’s New sword”, philosopher Mary Midgley (1919- ) presents a variation of the problem of ethical relativism that demonstrates the trouble we often have an understanding cultures strange to us. Specially , she talks about “moral isolationism, ” the view that  because we cannot  understand  another culture, we cannot judge another culture’s ethics.

The word tsujigiri in Japanese literally  means “crossroads-cut.” However , as used in Samurai culture it meant something like, “to try out one’s sword on a chance wayfarer,” It seems the only test that would guarantee that a samurai’s new sword was sharp enough was to slice a human being in half diagonally from the shoulder to the opposite hip. In order to accomplish  this test, the samurai  would wait at the crossroads for the next (unfortunate) traveller. Is this practice morally acceptable?

Sharpen your mental sword and see whether you can cut through problems associated with ethical relativism and  moral isolationism. Discuss these problems and offer reasons to support your position.



Write an answer of about 100 to 150 words

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