Psychological Assessment I-A3-A7

Begin to Write the Psychosocial History: Please see Interview Guide under Additional Resources

Interview a volunteer subject and write up the Psychosocial History and MSE. You may use a friend or a family member. Please disguise all identifying information to protect the privacy of the person being interviewed. You can download the Interview Guide that is located under the course resources tab to help guide your interview questions.

Your subject should meet the criteria for at least one of the following disorders (you may need to fabricate some information):

1. Mood Disorder
2. Anxiety Disorder
3. Somatoform Disorder
4. Schizophrenic or Other Psychotic Disorders
5. Personality Disorder
6. Substance Related Disorder
7. Adjustment Disorder

See the Sample Report in Resources for a guide to the psychosocial history and mental status exam. 

Your report should be 2-4 pages in length. The report must include the psychosocial history, MSE, diagnosis, Summary and Recommendations (testing section is not required) You should generally format your report according to APA style, but there is no need for references in a report of this type.  The sample report that is provided under the course resources tab is a guide. Your report may be more detailed.
Assignment OutcomesAnalyze and interpret psychosocial assessments Assess and summarize appropriate recommendations to clients based upon test results

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