1. Write a respond to this paragraph (100words)

What is an illusion and what is real?

If I were to build a robot, or if I were to build anything actually, I would always want exact measure how they are in the real world. Personally, I would never build something based off of a picture. I always just thought it was because I didn’t know the actual size. But when I read up on this lecture, I was actually right, but now instead of thinking I just don’t know the size, I know that anything photographed is an illusion. The sides of the desk in the second picture look not even close to the same size. But the exact same desk in the first picture, exact same spot, and exact same measurements, looks more even. That is because of the way the desk is photographed in the second picture. Therefore, the illusion in these photos proves that it would be more realistic to build something based off of the “real” photo, and not off of an illusionary photo. (duh)

Obviously enough, the first photo of the desk is the real measurement, and the second photo of the desk is the illusion. And here is why. You can see in both photos that this desk has a 90 degree angle. There is a small block of black wood holding the desk together at that 90 degree angle. This is how I know that both sides of the desk in fact are the same size. So if I were to ever be building this desk on my own, and I did not have actual measurements from the directions, I would base my own measurements off of the first photo.

2.write a respond to this paragraph (50-100words) the post what mention in the paragraph is Q1

Hey there! I like how you added in that foreshortening is used to create the illusion. I also really like how you answered how you would design a robot. That is not how I interpreted the question which is what makes your answer so unique and gave me something to think about. Our answers are totally different, which makes this discussion so diverse in perspective! For my response, I said I would want the robot to perceive the desk in the first picture, because using things pictured and aspects of the desk in the photo, that is not the illusory photo, but the actual measurements of the desk. (If you want to see how I came up with that, read my post!) I agree that if I were building this desk, I would also build the proportions I measured, not based off of just a photo that can be looked at and interpreted a million different ways if you include angles, lighting, foreshortening, etc. Great post!

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