Sales Analysis

  Assignment Content Purpose of Assignment
In this assignment, you apply Microsoft® Excel® formatting to a business example. You will use this skill to enter and analyze data using charts.

Assignment Steps


Read the following business scenario:

Your company has asked you to create a spreadsheet to analyze the following data. The data will be reviewed for top salespeople bonuses and commissions payments based on individual sales. Averages will be used to analyze month-over-month sales throughout the years.

Use the Sales Analysis Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet and apply formatting to accomplish the following: Calculate total sales using the SUM function. Calculate total sales for each quarter. (March, June, and September each represent a quarter.). A quarter is three months. Calculate average sales for each quarter to help determine 4th-quarter potential sales.  Highlight the top salesperson in each quarter.  Generate a Microsoft® Excel® chart or graph that displays the total sales by region to identify the highest and lowest selling regions. Insert a hyperlink to the company’s web page. (You can use any business web page for this example.) Change your spreadsheet to a page or print layout view to be sure it fits well on a printed 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

Submit your assignment.

Used with permission from Microsoft

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