skydiving homework


This paper should be MLA or APA format, whichever is used most frequently by your course of study. This is a reflection paper and should reflect what you have learned in class and how you will apply these topics to your everyday life and school to improve yourself as a person. This paper should NOT be about definitions. Do NOT write about learning what definitions mean in your paper. You should be applying techniques taught in this class to your life and school and thereby define the value of the class and learning these techniques. Your paper might include things such as “How this class changed the way I look at life”, or “How I will apply the techniques taught in this class to everyday life”. Find a topic whereby the class has changed how you manage other aspects of your life. Good, bad, or indifferent, it doesn’t matter but do NOT make this about definitions taught in this class. Your paper should be a minimum of one full page and a maximum of two full pages. 

Note: I did not go to skydive due to personal issue!!!

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