[SOLVED]: Risky Online Behavior Grid.

[SOLVED]: Risky Online Behavior Grid.


Posting personal information


Sending   personal information to strangers

 Interacting   with online strangers

 Accepting   strangers’ requests to be friends or to communicate directly outside of a   social network

 Talking   about highly personal topics with strangers

 Ignoring   privacy settings

 Online   harassment 

 Clicking   on links or installing apps or software from unknown sources

 What motivates individuals to demonstrate risky behaviors in social media? 

 What role does peer pressure play in partaking in risky behaviors? 

  In your opinion, do the risks of social media on human interaction outweigh the benefits? Explain your response.
 Do risky social media behaviors indicate risky behaviors offline? Explain your response.

Is one developmental stage or age group more at risk than others are, or are the risks simply different based on demographic and usage?


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