[SOLVED]: study guide

[SOLVED]: study guide

   Please provide detail information on each topics below.  Please do not answer the topic with what each one is this is a post masters Nurse practitioners program.  I not need the definition of each categories.  You are doing a study guide addressing each of he topics.  Do not accept this job if you do not know what your doing!!  Do not accept this job and complain about the amount of work and price.  READ before accepting.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration (topics below)

· Examples of collaboration

· PDSA cycle

· Conflict management

· Interdisciplinary collaboration

Perioperative Risk Assessment (topics below)

· PCEA and PCA pain management

· Preoperative clinics

· Diabetes control postoperatively

· Penrose drains

· Grey Turner’s Sign

· Murphy’s sign

· Kernig’s sign

· Brudzinski sign

Surgical Interventions(topics below)

· Intravenous crystalloids

· Postoperative instability

· Risk of postoperative infections

· Postoperative delirium

· Small bowel obstruction treatment

Postsurgical Complications (topics below)

· DVT prophylaxis

· Chest tube management

· Risks for DIC postop

· CSF leak postop

Acid-Base, Oxygenation, and Vent Management (topics below)

· Pulse-ox monitoring

· Interpretation of ABGs

· CPAP/BiPAP uses

· Ventilator management

Hemodynamics (topics below)

· A-line procedures

· Modified Allen’s test

· A-line management and usage

Shock States (topics below)

· Distributive shock

· Obstructive shock

· Hypovolemic shock

· Neurogenic shock

· Differential diagnoses associated with the origins of the different shock states

· Metabolic/Respiratory acidosis

· Metabolic/Respiratory alkalosis

· Using a PA catheter: treatment for preload and afterload

SIRS and Sepsis (topics below)

· SIRS definition and criteria and differential diagnoses causing SIRS

· Sepsis vs. septic shock

· Septic shock treatment and management

· Causes and treatment for lactic acidosis

· CVP readings

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