The Effects Of Social Media Among College Students Research Paper

    The student shall revise and improve the introduction      and literature review while adding to the paper the methodology section.      It is not sufficient to just submit a methodology section without the      revisions to the other two included sections. The methodology section is      by far the most technical of all the writing the student shall perform.      The student will describe in as much detail how they as researchers plan      to carry outh the project. Among many details students must detail the      overall design; choice of method; justify the choice of methods. Sampling      is critical. The student must clearly articulate the target population;      sampling method; and justify the choice of sampling method.

A discussion of all variables, they will be measured and used must be in the methods section of the paper. Key concepts must be operationalized, identified as independent, dependent(s) variables, and is applicable articulated in a hypothesis. A full discussion the ethical safe gaurds and procedures you will use must be present and must comply with ASA or APA ethical guidelines. A copy of research instruments as an attachment, survey questions, interviewing questions, or coding sheets must be attached as appropriate. A copy of the informed consent must be present for all human subjects. 

Must be 6 pages. NO PLAGIARISM 

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